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Enter the Mirage Town


stop motion animation

Film created at Tao Xi Chuan Art Center, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China

Stop motion animation Enter the Mirage Town 2022 is inspired by Dunhuang murals titled “Parable Conjured City” (also translated as ”the Chapter on Fables of the Magic City”) found in Mogao Cave 217, and “Parable of Medicinal Herbs” and “the Chapter on Expedient means” Founded in Cave 23. The animation portrays a 

fantastic place to rethink and redefine a mental healing process.


The Mirage Town is a weird place for healing, repairing and resting. People’s daily routine includes cooking, playing and music. 


“Enter the Mirage 2022” includes three chapters.

“Food & Digest”

What do you want to eat? Huh? Why there’s an orange and a pear on your head? Is it good to eat?


“Littles to Mickle”

Clown Sisters say they are playing the game of gathering sand into a tower, but they don’t care whether it becomes a tower. Are they really playing the game or performing a contemporary dance with sand?


“Underground Band” 

An underground band is playing live.


“Enter The Mirage Town 2022” is the second episode of Cece Jiao’s Ceramic Animation Series inspired by Dunhuang murals. The series aims to explore alternative meanings of the traditional depictions in contemporary context by researching across disciplines and experimenting with ceramics and animation.





“化城”,即幻化的城镇,是个怪诞的疗愈、修复、休憩之处。城中人的日常便是烹饪、游戏、奏乐。《步入化城2022》中包含三个小章节“食物、消化”、“游艺聚沙” 和 “地下乐队”。





“游艺聚沙” 之章






Softwares and equipments:

Dragonframe, Adobe Creative suite, Logic ProX

Cannon Mark 5D III

Behind the scenes / work photos

Extended memes:


WeChat scan:

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