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The Nightmare


stop motion animation

Film created at Tao Xi Chuan Art Center, Jingdezhen, Jiangxi, China

The Nightmare (“幻景”) is a stop motion animation inspired by the Dunhuang fresco titled Mara’s Attack, found in Cave 254 of the Mogao Grottos, and captures the silent struggles of mental illness.

The tale unfolds over three chapters. 
“The Dancer” (舞女) follows the anxiety of a dancer about her appearance. The harder she pursues outward beauty and perfection, the more cracked and fissured her face becomes. 
“Phobia” (马面的恐惧) is a glimpse into the Horseman’s unease and fear of being exposed to social activity. 
“Insomnia” (失眠夜) is the wakeful dream of a depressed insomniac.

This project is an interdisciplinary study of ceramics, animation techniques, and the Dunhuang frescoes. Through this medium, I explore the bridge between traditional depictions in the frescoes and contemporary stories of everyday life.









Softwares and equipments:

Dragonframe, Adobe Creative suite, Logic ProX

Cannon Mark 5D III


Photo Assistant     He, Linger

Kiln Master            Hu, Yongsheng

The Nightmare.-Cece Jiao-poster

Behind the scenes / work photos

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