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Cece's Artist Statement

I was always seeking a way to combine science and art. Studying psychology with a double major in studio art at Indiana University Bloomington made that possible. From psychology, I learned how to analyze and explain people’s behaviors and relationships. From studio art, I gained skills in different media including textiles, ceramics, graphic design, watercolor and oil painting. In 2015, I studied animation at the School of the Museum of Fine Art in Boston where I discovered that animation was the best medium to encompass all my interests: my love of drawing, storytelling, psychology, music and sound design. When continuing my study on computer arts at School of Visual Arts in NYC, I started experimenting with more new media tools such as 3D printing, projection mapping and interactive art, incorporating them into my storytelling. 


After graduation, I work as a graphic designer and meanwhile continue my own indie animations. Thematically, my animations tend to depict what may be uncommon in common situations. I favor concepts and phenomena that are both conceptual and emotional. Recently, I’m doing an interdisciplinary study involving crafts, animation and psychology, exploring the potential of traditional crafts and depictions in contemporary context. 

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