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kinetic installation, motion graphics


Improvisation is an audio-visual kinetic installation - an environment comprised of abstract sculptures and motion graphics, experimental sound compositions and a wall of collaged window frames. Altogether they address the relationship and boundary between physical reality and perceptual illusion. 

Hardware used in production:

kinetic system: custom made electronics, continuous servo motors, micro controllers

setup part: sopper plates , vintage window frames and wooden supporting systems, plywood, different textured paper

rare projection system: projector, Mac Pro, full light spectrum camera, visible light glass filter

Software used in production:

After Effects CC2018

Photoshop CC2018

Ableton Live9 Essential

Pro Tools



Improvisation - Cece Jiao
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Gallery Version
Studio Version
front close up
front close up
back close up
Studio Version-light up
kinetic objects
servo motors
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