> Book Art

The Way of Development and the Mind of AI

2015, Marker, digital collage

This accordion book depicts a process of how human develop/invent robot and illustrates an imagination of possibility that robots may also have (or would have) the same process as human is doing, even their version of their robots is different from human’s.

Identity in the Counseling Room

2015, digital drawing

This book art shows my understanding of identity—that identity isn’t only our names or fingerprints, but also our experiences. From the aspect of cognitive psychology, the counselor identifies different clients by their own experiences and emotions.


2015, Digital drawing, Digital collage

This bilingual book art illustrates a difference between art education as well as pedagogy in USA and in China. The illustrations and storylines are referenced from my case study and researches.

Map of Steps

2015, Marker, Digital collage

Map/mapping doesn’t only describe a representation on surface of direction such as what is shown in Google map; it can be more general such as a plan or something related to math and function. The pop-up book is a record of map/mapping and shows a contrast on my steps on weekdays and weekends.

The Luminescent Peacock

2014, Color pencil (llustration), digital drawing in Illustrator (cover design)

The story is about a peacock that can emit light at night, but looks inconspicuous in the day.